Where the Coming of Age
Come into their Own.

Life planning and mentorship for young adults at the start of something big.
It’s free. It’s fun.

What is SetPath?

It’s a proven, Life Planning tool that combined with free one-on-one mentorship, helps young adults successfully navigate their way into the world.

We support and enable you to bring your future into focus, prioritize your time, and manifest your dreams. With a Life Plan in place and a mentor by your side, you can feel more confident that the energy you spend is well spent on yourself and the people that matter most.

Digital First & Human Always

The SetPath mobile app is designed for use with a mentor. Build, implement, and maintain your Life Plan together.

The SetPath app leads you through a series of thought-starters and questions designed to explore all aspects of your life, prioritize them, and commit to them appropriately.

Our Mentorship Program puts you in touch with someone who’s trained to help you make sense of things and provide encouragement towards the completion and implementation of your life plan. Both the app and your mentor (whom we call a Guide) are available to you for free. If you already have a mentor, they can also be your SetPath Guide. We’ll train them – free!

Free? How can that be?
It’s true, SetPath is funded by generous donors and corporate partners. You’ll never encounter a pop-up ad or find us trying to sell you things. It’s worth it, too. At SetPath, we believe in serving and encouraging young adults so that they discover hope, purpose, and direction for their future. Young adults who thrive and embody their truth will ensure a bright future for the entire planet.

How your SetPath
journey works

SetPath uses tried and tested life planning strategies to help you identify and prioritize what matters most now and into the future, then build realistic plans to realize your goals.

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    Sign up.

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    Build your Life Plan.

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    Make it your reality and start living it.

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    Reach out at any point to start a 90-day journey with a SetPath Guide. If you already have a mentor, they can also be your SetPath Guide. We’ll train them – free!

Life Accounts

We call the areas of your life that we’ll explore in your Life Plan “Life Accounts.” There are nine of them, and each one needs to be considered both separately and in relation to one another.

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