SetPath’s mission is to guide
young adults to discover purpose,
hope, and direction through
Life Planning and mentorship.

SetPath’s mission is to guide young adults to discover purpose, hope, and direction through Life Planning and mentorship.

About Us

SetPath supports emerging adults with guidance, tools, and motivation to create fulfilling, purposeful lives. We use a tried-and-true life planning framework to help those in their defining decade (18 – 28) identify and prioritize what matters most and build realistic plans to realize their dreams.

Everyone has a purpose and a calling—we’re here to help you tune into yours.

How We Got Started

As we all experienced, the spring of 2020 will forever be marked by the pandemic, inspirational movements of racial justice, workforce transformation, virtual school, and polarizing politics. These almost universal circumstances left individuals and institutions worldwide in disorienting and uncharted waters. It was a time when we all craved action and connection but grappled with the uncertainty of where to start.

Amidst this swirl of reality, Oregon-based Executive Coaching and Leadership Development firm, Building Champions, felt an undeniable call to activate. Compelled by a distinct portion of their company vision, they aspired to a future where their content, training, and methodology could be inclusively accessible and free of charge, particularly for young adults.

Driven by this vision, Building Champions CEO Daniel Harkavy, along with his Board of Advisors and notable corporate partners, mobilized. Their focus dialed in on the next generation: young adults (18+) entering their “defining decade.” Bolstered by knowing firsthand the escalating rates of depression, anxiety, addiction, school shootings, and hate crimes among young adults, they founded SetPath as an organization with an unwavering commitment to transfer purpose, hope, and direction through mentorship and life-planning to young adults.

The mission of SetPath resonated deeply with many, especially Daniel’s sons, Dylan, and Wesley, who eagerly and voluntarily joined the cause with their entrepreneurial expertise. They were soon joined by Kristin Moreno, a dedicated operations professional from Building Champions, and a talented group of volunteers to form SetPath’s Board of Directors. Together, these early leaders played a pivotal role in establishing SetPath’s foundation, a transformational mentorship and life-planning methodology designed specifically for young adults.

By the summer of 2021, SetPath achieved the designation as an IRS-approved, Community Benefit, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which catalyzed financial support from compassionate donors who recognized the importance of its mission and wanted to join the mission. Their support fortified SetPath and fueled its growth.

Today, SetPath continues to mobilize mentors as “Guides” and young adults as “Planners.” In the future, these transformative relationships will occur worldwide by leveraging the power of technology and developmental training programs available in more than 20 languages. Offered to all young adults without barriers or burdens, SetPath remains completely free for both guides and planners, fostering inclusivity and opportunity for every individual.

United in purpose, SetPath journeys ahead, committed to helping Planners live forward. Planners clarify who they are, whom they aspire to be, and how they can become those adults in all critical areas of their lives. Guides transferring purpose, hope, and direction.

Now, it’s your turn. Join us in this transformative endeavor and become a part of SetPath’s global movement.

Together, we can shape a brighter future alongside the next generation.

Behind SetPath

The SetPath team embodies collaboration and dedication. Its founders are walking talking proof that life planning works. Its front line is comprised of people who are successfully putting their own life plans into practice. They’re closer in age to those they’re committed to helping, and uniquely qualified to mentor motivated young adults.


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Board Members

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