Our mission is to guide
young adults to discover purpose,
hope, and direction through
Life Planning and mentorship.

What is SetPath?

It’s a proven, Life Planning tool that combined with free one-on-one mentorship, helps young adults successfully navigate their way into the world.

We support and enable you to bring your future into focus, prioritize your time, and manifest your dreams. With a Life Plan in place and a mentor by your side, you can feel more confident that the energy you spend is well spent on yourself and the people that matter most.

Ways to Advocate

Please join us as a SetPath Advocate. Here are four specific steps of advocacy you can take to help us grow our reach and spread the word about our mission:

  1. Become a Guide.
    Support a young adult in your sphere of influence by becoming their Guide. We’ll train you!
  2. Mark your Calendar.
    Join us May 9th, for our inaugural Fundraising Gala. Be our guest, host a table, and/or be a sponsor.
  3. Spread the word.
    Share with your coworkers, friends and family. We need partners in the nonprofit, for-profit, and academic spaces to know about SetPath.
  4. Give.
    No donation is too small and gets us one step closer to reaching our $3 million goal.

Gen Z Stats

Members of Gen Z who have an adult encouraging them to pursue their goals and dreams are more than twice as likely as those without to strongly agree they have a great future ahead (51% versus 23%) and will reach their goals (49% versus 23%).

Less than half (47%) of Gen Z Americans are thriving in their lives — among the lowest across all generations in the U.S. today and a much lower rate than millennials at the same age.

Gen Z’s most frequently cited hope for the future is to “make enough money to live comfortably” (69%), while 64% say financial resources are a barrier to achieving their future goals and aspirations.

Seventy-six percent of Gen Z members agree they have a great future ahead of them, yet only 44% report feeling prepared for their future.

Partner with us!

Join us as we grow. We need partners who believe in our mission, love to see young adults thrive in adulthood and advocates for mentors that care.

Help us reach our goal of raising $3 million in 2024!

Planner Testimonials

We asked our Planners, “What have you found in SetPath that you wish others could have or hear about?”

Connect Directly

If you have any questions or comments for us, please feel free to share a message in the provided form.